60th AGM - Excerpts from Chairman’s Speech


We could see total ad spend of about Rs.27, 000 Cr during the year 2011, almost the same of 2010, but this has been in spite of certain challenges and also there have been companies who, individually, have spent more than previous year. Challenges during the year were like need to reinforce our strong stance of self-regulation, formation of Joint Industry Body, advisories, etc. Ad spends of 2012 are estimated to grow by 13%. Internet and digital ad spends would grow even more.

Membership Activities:

All regular and special communication are by email to all members. Communication like answering members’ queries, information about our as well as other outside events, webinars, advisories, guidelines and model contracts are much appreciated by members and it is seen in their increased relationship. EC members and Media committee members have been interacting frequently on issues impacting the members. A seminar on “Sustainability Marketing Perspectives” was conducted in December 2011. Based on popular request, we planned the next seminar to be on “Understanding Marketing ROI”. Nutshell quarterly magazine is going in good stead. After increase in per page ad fee too last year, we continue to get ads and that revenue. The ppt about the ISA shared and certain points elaborated by the Chairman himself threw light of all services that the ISA has been of so far and also instilled the hope for future.

Particular activities of your society in recent months:

We were instrumental and ensured the final shape of the BARC along with AAAI and IBF and with a stake for your society. In a first, unlike any other country your society has a stake in the BARC. We took an assertive stance when TRAI brought in regulation of 12 minute cap on ads in a clock hour. Your society’s presence is made felt in forums of Consumers. We organized a meeting with AAAI & TAM ensured that TAM reverting with six additional steps towards making TRP data being more robust.

Relationship with the WFA:

Being one of the founder members of the WFA, we maintain an excellent relationship with the WFA, with representation in their Executive Committee on your behalf. Also Mr. Harish Bhat, our another Executive Council member is in the WFA’s committee in a different capacity on behalf of TATA group. We continue to get all assistance from WFA such as best practices, summaries of surveys, guidelines from the WFA and also experience sharing from other member countries in relevance to similar situations that we face here at times.

ISA website (www.isanet.org.in) revamped:

The Secretariat with the conceptual support by our EC member Mr. Ambwani, has got our website totally re-done. There are new features and the site is going to attract lot more viewers and will serve as an excellent tool to promote inter-member relationship and forming a larger ISA member team. Dynamic visuals with slogans of ISA objectives expanded Member section, Logging in facility, Forum for members to debate, dialogue, poll, upload ads, videos, articles, case studies and so on. Five sections including Resource Center that the members can really look for are incorporated. E4m for getting industry updates shared with our members. The fully ready was shown to the members present with important features captured in a ppt and there will be an attention-grabbing launch meet.


The Chairman heartily acknowledged the continuous support of the members. He recalled with thanks the contribution of the members of the Executive Council and Media Committee on issues that the Society handled during the year. He also thanked the Secretariat staff, the accountant, bankers and the auditors.