59th AGM - Excerpts from Chairman's speech

Overview: The ad spend in 2011 would be of a 17% growth over that of the year 2010. In spite of various challenges there looked to be an upward trend in the going of the advertising. The rural markets in India were estimated to be becoming more potential too.

View of the meeting

Membership relations:

Members were involved to contribute to the house magazine. Their suggestions were taken on topics for seminar and training. Membership Directory was updated and released in 2011. Marketing personnel in member companies were enlisted for improved rapport. The Secretariat kept communicating with members about internal and outside in the areas of advertising and marketing. Members got information on Webinars from WFA and seminars by other. Updating existing members and informing new members with information was ongoing. Society revived providing Mille Rates survey details.

ISA's Website www.isanet.org.in:

The Society's website was under frequent and periodical update. Latest list of members, about Executive Council, happenings in the industry, news and events from sources of the WFA are part of the site. Tracking of visits to the site was instituted.

ISA's Knowledge Series:

A seminar on "Social Media" was held in March 2011. This enjoyed a very good response with 42 participants. Feedback was so good that we have now planned to take it to other few cities in the country. WFA's site carried an appreciative note about this event. The next on "Sustainability in Marketing" would be held in early Dec.


Two issues of Nutshell had been released. One on "Social Media" and the other on "Sustainability in Marketing" Feedback on both these have been very encouraging. Also sizeable revenue was made by getting insertion of advertisements from companies in both these issues.

Our Association with the WFA:

We received the President Mr. Chris Burggraeve of the WFA in Mumbai on Jan 3, 2011. We had interaction with him in presence of the EC members and prominent member company CEOs. . The Chairman shared about the active participation of the ISA in the WFA affairs as he was in the Executive Council of the WFA. The ISA could have the advantage of getting whatever clarification, examples of best practices and worldwide guidelines on various matters with speed too.


The Chairman thanked the fellow members of the Executive Council for their whole hearted support on the various activities of the ISA. On his own behalf and on behalf of the Executive Council, he thanked the members for their continued involvement, participation and support in the ISA's affairs and initiatives. The council also recorded it's appreciation for the dedicated work of the staff of the secretariat. It also thanked the Bankers, Auditors & Accountants for their robust support to the operations of the Society.