Promoting Economic Discipline

Government of India has, 3 times in the past (1965, 1978 and 1983) attempted to impose a tax on advertising. ISA has led the crusade and got such laws repealed on each such occasion in the past.

During 2001, the Government imposed a "service tax" on TV ads for all broadcasting channels, who in turn attempted to pass it on to the advertisers. ISA confronted the issue and got broadcasters not to charge service tax over and above contracted rates

During 2004, the ISA escalated the Broadcasting Service Taxation issue to the Finance Ministry, pointing out the cascading effect of this on consumer prices due to the double-taxation effect through CENVAT. The ISA succeeded in persuading the Government to allow the set-off of all Service Tax paid on inputs like advertising, promotion, market research etc. against CENVAT payable on finished goods.

Again the same year of 2004, the ISA, through active interaction with the all India Radio authorities, helped defer an unjustifiable proposal to increase the rates of commercial spots on AIR.

In 2007 ISA strongly opposed and won against the 25% ad hoc rate hike by IBF members

In 2009 ISA along with other related industry associations managed to get the Maharshtra Government retract from levying Stamp Duty on advertising placed in Print, Radio and TV via filing a petition in the Mumbai High Court