Protecting Members’ Interests

ISA's active representation to the regulatory authorities in Delhi helped lift the ban on all outdoor hoardings/bill boards in that metropolis (1998)

ISA's active intervention resulted in restraining the move by the Advertising Agencies Association of India to oppose the outsourcing of media buying (1999) and regulating the commissions to be paid to Agencies (1996).

ISA rebutted an attempt by some TV channels to commit the advertiser to underwrite terms between the Advertising Agency and the Channel. ISA would steadfastly protect the sanctity of the Principal-to-Principal nature of the Agency/Advertiser relationship.

During 2004 ISA intervened to negate the attempt by Government to allow the airing of only those pharmaceutical product commercials on DD which were specifically approved by the Health Ministry.

ISA restrained a move by the AAAI to mandate pitching fees for speculative presentations by Agencies (2008)

ISA got NBA (News Broadcasters Association) to agree not to put commercial message ticker under TV ad and got Breaking News ticker size under TV ad restricted (2009)

ISA along with AAAI convinced I & B Ministry not to impose frequency change in TAM's TRP reporting from Weekly to Monthly, as was demanded of TAM by IBF & NBA (2011)