Monitoring Media Costs and Viewership

One of the major objectives of the ISA is to monitor the cost effectiveness of media in India and keep its members abreast of information in this regard. This helps members to make "hard-data" based assessments of media, to ensure the most cost effective utilization of advertising moneys.

ISA was instrumental in organizing the first National Readership Survey in India and has contributed towards building a methodology that provides robust data for the benefit of all advertisers

ISA took the lead in establishing a Joint Industry Body (JIB) to set up the first continuous TV audience measurement survey with TAM . It has seeded a Technical Committee, which continues to drive improvements in sampling procedures, confidentiality of the sample panels, auditing of reported data and width of coverage.

ISA was responsible for ensuring that such national media research costs are borne primarily by the media. ISA provides a 6 monthly comparison of the print media to its members through its Mille Rate Surveys.

ISA along with IBF and AAAI is founder, promoter and owner of the Broadcast Audience Research Council, India (BARC) which will conduct and own Television Audience Research starting in Mid 2014

ISA in July 2013 ensured that access of weekly reporting of TV TRP data in % terms is continued to the Advertisers and their Agencies after TV broadcasters forced TAM to start reporting TV audience data only in terms of number of viewers and on monthly basis.