Information And Guidance To Advertisers

The ISA has various publications to keep advertisers abreast of all happenings in the world of advertising.

ISA Publishes "Nutshell", a quarterly that carries articles of futuristic business importance, and Annual Directory of Important Dailies

Being a member of the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), ISA has access to developments across the world in the field of advertising. It is therefore in a position to guide advertisers on issues like:

Advertising Briefing Procedures
Advertising Research Procedures
Agency Compensations and Contracts
Codes of Advertising
Media Selection and Planning

Agreement between Agency and Client (Draft)


Process for Advertising Agency Selection


WFA/EACA Global Guidelines on Pitching


Advisory on HD Feeds


Model Broadcasting Contract


Presentation by Jeremy, speaker from UK, to ISA audience on “Client-Agency Relationship Enhancement”.