Application for Membership

The annual subscriptions are graded according to the volume of advertising expenditure as
given in the table below:

 Category  Annual Advertising Expenditure Annual Subscription for
April - March Period
 A  Above Rs.100 crore  INR75,000 + GST
 B  Between Rs.50 Crore and Rs.100 Crore  INR60,000 + GST
 C  Between Rs.20 Crore and Rs.50 Crore  INR40,000 + GST
 D  Between Rs.10 Crore and Rs.20 Crore  INR25,000 + GST
 E  Between Rs.5 Crore and Rs.10 Crore  INR15,000 + GST
 F  Between Rs.2 Crore and Rs.5 Crore  INR10,000 + GST
 G  Between Rs.1 Crore and Rs.2 Crore  INR5,000 + GST
 H  Upto Rs.1 crore   INR2,000 + GST

The Entrance Fee is uniform at Rs.2,000 for all the eight categories of Members.

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