The Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA) elects Sunil Kataria as Chairman for 2020-21

Media Release :

The Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA) elects Sunil Kataria as the Chairman

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ISA Knowledge Series Session on "Influencer Marketing - The Big Revolution held on Zoom on September 04, 2020


The ISA Knowledge Series session held on Zoom on the topic “Influencer Marketing – The Big Revolution” on 4th September, 2020, went well with 56 participants.

We had 4 speakers. Presentations by Bhaskar Ramesh (Director -Google) and Rohit Raj (BBKiVine) were followed by interaction with them and also the two Content Creators cum Influencers Sakshi Sindwani and Ankush Bahuguna.

Below are some of the highlight points from the session:

  • Heard from Google how Nestle created content basis YT content creators and increased sales for their brand Maggie
  • Influencers are ok working directly with brands
  • Influencers are open to new model of working like pay per sale / commission based model similar to China
  • If freedom given to content creators with limited boundaries by brand, there is a better output expected
  • Influencers know the followers far better and hence feel the freedom to work to the best
  • ‘Always-on activation of influencer’ mode works better than one-off
  • It is very important to define the objective of the influencers campaigns and measure results against the same only. That helps brand to read the effectiveness of the campaign better.

We had Core Media Committee member Neel of Loreal getting the speakers and moderating the session, while Rajiv Dubey of Dabur moderated the Q&A part.

Feedback from participants were very appreciative of the session.






The ISA presents - Decoding the New Normal in Media & Communication


A session on “Decoding the New Normal in Media and Communication”, was held on Zoom on July 23, 2020. 80 participants attended. Secretary General Y Harakrishnan and Core Media Committee member Rajiv Dubey shared their initial words and welcomed the Speakers , participants from ISA , industry and other advertiser invitees.

Speakers were eminent names as Prasanth Kumar – CEO (South Asia), GroupM, Tushar Vyas – President (South Asia), GroupM, M A Parthasarathy (MAPS) – CEO (South Asia), Mindshare, Vishal Jacob – Chief Digital Officer, Wavemaker and Karthik Nagarajan – Chief Content Officer, Wavemaker.

The session explored on how would the new normal look like, Observations on the changes in consumer behavior, Impact of such changes on the media landscape and Challenges that we foresee and how can brands be read.

Post program feedback from participants were in appreciation and in suggestion of topics with request for further such programs.




Shri Brahm Vasudeva passes away on July 10,2020.


It is with profound grief that we share the sad news about the demise of Shri Brahm Vasudeva of Hawkins. He was a doyen of the industry and was highly respected and admired for his innumerable contributions to the advertising community over the past several decades and also to the Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA). He was a pillar of strength, stickler for perfection and a great source of inspiration. It is a matter of pride and significance to the ISA that he served as a member of our Executive Council for a continuous period of 47 years. We at ISA will certainly miss him a lot. In this hour of sorrow, we pray for his soul to find eternal peace and tranquility. Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members and his numerous friends and admirers.




Special session conducted for ISA members on May 20, 2020 in partnership with ZEUS COACHING on the topic "IDEAS for living and working with Covid-19"


The Secretary General shared about a Webinar session that he had organized on Zoom on “IDEAS to live and work with Covid-19” conducted on May 20, 2020 during 11 a.m to 12 noon. Mr. Narendra Ambwani Former MD- J&J, member in ISA Executive Council, who is also a Founding Coach in ZEUS COACHING, extended his support in organizing the session. The speaker was Mr. Ravi Santhanam, Former MD & CEO, HML including Mitsubishi Motors business in India and former Executive Vice President, Mahindra & Mahindra. While it was majorly for the ISA members, we had extended invitation to agencies as usual. About 70 people attended. Post session feedback was very enlivening.



How to think differently- Session by Mr. R. Sridhar on November 27, 2019


Mr. R Sridhar, former Director, Ogilvy India, shared experiences and expertise with a group of marketers & industry seniors at a session held by The Indian Society of Advertisers on November 27, 2019

Marketing is not a child’s play, but, R Sridhar could make it look like one with his easy and simplified approach. It literally looked like a play zone with every table being equipped with colorful boxes of play dough, the smiley yellow balls and bubble making bottles. Sridhar used various techniques to stimulate the thinking process of the attendees. He made them create things from play dough within 30 seconds, draw pictures from letters and wander their imagination beyond geographical boundaries.

Sridhar emphasized how each one of us is creative but we don’t let our creativity come out. “We all have various expressions of creativity and various ways to reach there…we are all creative. It’s just that we don’t get enough opportunity to practice our creativity...either because the opportunity doesn’t exist or due to our own inhibitions,” he added.

Sridhar, who is also a TEDx speaker, recommended that we must motivate ourselves by imagining the outcome of the success every time we make a pitch that looks very ambitious. “One of the key things that can help you motivate is to imagine life after success. Imagining the success will be so motivating that we would actually drive harder. Most of the times we don’t imagine this.” Sridhar also spoke about the need to brainstorm for ‘barriers and not just ideas’ alone. “It is very important to identify the barriers. Once you have done that make it a challenge and ensure that we resolve them all,” he added.

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Special session on Tech Stack Marketing Options to the ISA members held on September 18, 2019


The ISA had organized a special session on September 18, 2019 for the members when Mr. Waheed Bidiwale, Global Vice President – Strategy & Consulting, Verticurl, a WPP Company delivered a session on the topic of “Full tech stack marketing options: Players in the market; Pros n Cons; How it can influence at each point of consumer journey”.

Mr. Bidiwale spoke elaborately with illustrations and details. Following were some of the key elements that were covered in his session.

  • The most important objective for the Marketing Technology Strategy to achieve the challenges in path of achieving the Marketing Technology,
  • Reasons for managing Customer journeys
  • MARTECH STACK components
  • MARTECH driving ROI
  • Reasonable time frame from implementation to ROI on MARTECH


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The WFA Forum in partnership with the ISA was held in Mumbai on July 03, 2019. It was a well-attended session despite the travel challenge posed by the monsoon weather in Mumbai!

The facilitators were Mr. Robert Dreblow, Global Head of Marketing Services, WFA and Ms. Julia, Manager, Global Marketing Services, WFA.
In the first session on “The future of Client-Agency relationships”, agency stalwarts were the panelists who brought out finer elements for healthier client-agency partnerships:

  • Mr. Tarun Rai, Chairman & Group CEO, South Asia, Winderan Thompson
  • Mr. Ashish Bhasin, CEO- Greater South and Chairman & CEO – Dentsu Aegis Network, India
  • Mr. N. S. Rajan, Managing Director, Ketchum Sampark
  • Mr. Prasun Basu, President – South Asia, Nielsen

After the above session there was an interesting interaction with the audience.
In the second session , towards “Effective Global Agency Management” experiences towards becoming more effective clients with proper motivation and collaboration wer shared by

  • Ms. Rohini Miglani, Director, Integrated Communication, APAC, P&G
  • Mr. Vivek Srivatsa, Head of Marketing, Passenger Cars, Tata Motors

The above session had a workshop with excellent participation of the Advertiser members of the WFA and the ISA who were present.
In the third and final session, on the “The Rise of Influencer Marketing”, Ms. Julia presented the results of a recent survey. There was then a session by:

  • Ms. Manasi Narasimhan, VP & Head – Marketing & Communications, South Asia, Master Card, sharing how effectively their organization worked with influencers globally and the great learnings that emerged.

Secretary General of the ISA Mr. Y Harakrishnan thanked Mr. Robert Dreblow, Ms. Julia for having come and led the sessions so well, all panelists and speakers of the three interesting sessions, Mr. Bharat Patel for his inputs all along, Mr. Sunil Kataria for his overall support and Mr. Atul Agrawal for the excellent hosting.

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The ISA CEO Conference held on March 18, 2019

Media Release :

The ISA CEO Conference held on March 18, 2019

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Sunil Kataria is re-elected Chairman of the ISA 2018-19

Media Release :

Sunil Kataria is re-elected Chairman of the ISA 2018-19

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WFA: The value of Advertising

The role and value of advertising. This presentation will consider the role and value of advertising based on the following questions..