How to think differently- Session by Mr. R. Sridhar on November 27, 2019


Mr. R Sridhar, former Director, Ogilvy India, shared experiences and expertise with a group of marketers & industry seniors at a session held by The Indian Society of Advertisers on November 27, 2019

Marketing is not a child’s play, but, R Sridhar could make it look like one with his easy and simplified approach. It literally looked like a play zone with every table being equipped with colorful boxes of play dough, the smiley yellow balls and bubble making bottles. Sridhar used various techniques to stimulate the thinking process of the attendees. He made them create things from play dough within 30 seconds, draw pictures from letters and wander their imagination beyond geographical boundaries.

Sridhar emphasized how each one of us is creative but we don’t let our creativity come out. “We all have various expressions of creativity and various ways to reach there…we are all creative. It’s just that we don’t get enough opportunity to practice our creativity...either because the opportunity doesn’t exist or due to our own inhibitions,” he added.

Sridhar, who is also a TEDx speaker, recommended that we must motivate ourselves by imagining the outcome of the success every time we make a pitch that looks very ambitious. “One of the key things that can help you motivate is to imagine life after success. Imagining the success will be so motivating that we would actually drive harder. Most of the times we don’t imagine this.” Sridhar also spoke about the need to brainstorm for ‘barriers and not just ideas’ alone. “It is very important to identify the barriers. Once you have done that make it a challenge and ensure that we resolve them all,” he added.

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