Understanding Marketing ROI

It is great pleasure to share that the Seminar on "Understanding Marketing ROI" went very well as the participants' enthusiasm, feedback and appreciative emails convey. There were 43 participants from 25 companies in total.

Mr. Hemant Bakshi's nod to Title Sponsor from HUL gave an excellent fillip. Mr. N. Srikumar's Associate Sponsorship from IOCL supplemented it.

IOCL's Rao LightsMr. Bharat Patel's word got us participants from Hindustan Pencils and through AAAI as he wrote to them . Mr. Kurush Grant saw to 8 nominations from the ITC. Mr. Narendra Ambwani's word drew participant from Godrej Consumer. Mrs. Paulomi's Raymond contact got us two nominations.

Mr. R. Ramakrishnan gave a flying start with his inaugural speech that highlighted the seminar topic and also about the ISA. His contribution during Prof. Arora's session added up. Mrs. Paulomi Dhavan joined in the evening. Before presenting mementos to speakers and participants, she made some key take-home points, recalled about other knowledge series programs done by the ISA & invited companies work still closely with us.

IOCL's Rao LightsProf. Ashok Arora of MDI, Gurgaon and Mr. Bharat Rajamani of Ernst & Young delivered sessions of insights on Marketing ROI perspectives.

Sessions in good blend of experience, practicability & insights came from vibrant speakers viz Mr. G.K. Suresh of ITC, Mr. Anshul Asawa of HUL, Mr. N. N. Rao of IOCL, Mr. Inderjeet Singh of P&G and Mr. Arun Sharma of Airtel. It was an excellent support that way from Messrs. Kurush Grant, Hemant Bakshi (and Abhiroop), N. Srikumar, Kainaz Gazder and Bharat Bambawale respectively, as they introduces these colleagues of theirs to us. The sessions were of that interest that audience did not mind a slight stretch of the day.

After the seminar before close of day, we showed live the new ISA website under process to the participants. I was sharing about the inputs from Mr. Narendra Ambwani. Members liked the new features and creation of forum that provides for their involvement, interaction, exchange of ideas, presenting queries and sharing expertise.

The ISA was complimented on having done such a seminar. We will also make this linger further through creating a network for interaction with these participants, uploading interesting pieces from the seminar in to our website, sharing the seminar presentations with the participants and so on.

Right from the announcement through the completion of the seminar, there were very concerted efforts in all aspects of organizing & conducting, particularly in roping in as many nominations as possible. I gladly acknowledge the team work by the staff of the secretariat all along.