A well-attended Workshop organized by the ISA on December 10, 2015

ISA had a very interesting, interactive workshop attended by over 90 participants from different industries – consumer goods, retail, durables, media, ad agencies and researchers – on the topic of developing consumer insights to stimulate brand growth. The workshop was conducted by the marketing guru Paddy Rangappa, who has over 25 years’ experience across marketing disciplines in blue-chip FMCG (Procter & Gamble) and retail (McDonald's) companies in India, Indonesia, Singapore and the Asia Pacific Middle East Africa region. His last job was Vice-President – Brand Development for McDonald’s in the region. Paddy is also the author of Been There Bungled That (Random House), a regular columnist at The Hindu, a leading Indian newspaper, and an accomplished public speaker. In Paddy’s words, “Today ‘insight’s is one of the most over-used words in business lexicon is ‘insights’. In a way that’s good because it shows companies realize they need insights. But it’s also not so good because we are overusing ‘insights’ to cover everything, from business data to consumer research findings and many things in between.”

Saugata Gupta, Chairman - ISA and Managing Director & CEO, Marico Limited said: “Given the complexity of marketing to an ever changing consumer set in the new global economy, it has become imperative to go beyond conventional marketing methodology and move into an area where one can understand the consumer better. Consumer Insight & Research are key to understand the consumer’s mind and why he/she makes a certain purchase and to project what could occur in the future. The clearer the insight, the more accurate the foresight and the effectiveness in business”.

The workshop showed how to connect with today’s hyper-busy, always-digitally-engaged consumers with real consumer insights; how to follow a systematic process to develop insights starting from data; and how to use the insights to develop a business and marketing plan. The workshop was full of real, live examples and participants were engaged to contribute through numerous exercises.

Everyone was engaged and energised. Participants of the workshop said that the session was very useful and they learned things they could apply in their jobs.

An exercise session

Audience in action

Audience Larger 2

Audience responds to Paddy Rangappa

Inaugural speech by Ambwani

Paddys individial attention to participants

Welcome to the delegates  speaker